RESIN RATES - INDIA (in Rupees per Metric Ton)

Resin pricing data presented is collected & compiled by PIPERATE.COM team of experts. Our data is sourced from suppliers, processors and distributors operating within their respective regions.

Date HDPE-PE100
19-Feb-2015 107472.34 74157.00
12-Feb-2015 104101.54 71910.00
01-Feb-2015 101854.34 69663.20
22-Jan-2015 105225.14 68539.60
15-Jan-2015 197472.34 67416.00
01-Jan-2015 111966.74 67416.00
18-Dec-2014 114213.94 65618.00
11-Dec-2014 117584.74 70786.80
04-Dec-2014 119831.94 74157.00
01-Dec-2014 123202.74 74157.00
  • Rates of Indian plastic resin manufactures are ex-works in Indian rupees per metric ton.
  • The Rates are inclusive of Excise duty (@12.5%) but exclusive of local taxes Freight/Transport and other levies on raw material if any will be payable extra as applicable.
  • The above Resin rates are indicative and may vary from time to time. The rates are also subject to Quantity/ MOU/ Cash/ Grade/ Location and other Discounts.
For more details refer to respective manufacturers' price list. In no instance does PIPERATE.COM guarantee the accuracy of statistics provided. This is for general information purpose only. For current resin pricing quotes, please contact your nearest dealer.